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This portion of our terms and conditions specifically addresses Art in all forms.
Artists Prints, Posters, Canvases, Giclees, paintings, sculptures, mini-frames, and custom made art items are all covered under this section.


  • Most "prints" come pre-mounted

  • Matting is often simple, with a square design, although some artists have started doing more elaborate designs as the price of matting has come down a lot in recent years. It is, after all, simply, cut paper.

  • Actual visible damage to the paper print portion of any print shall be viewed as claimable damage and an insurance claim will be required in order for the customer to receive any level of compensation for such damage.

  • Actual visible damage to the matting portion of any print shall be considered on a case by case basis, whether the damage is significant enough to warrant an insurance claim, or whether compensation for matting replacement should be offered. Matting that does not fall under copyright protection and can be created and adjusted or replaced by anyone at any time. Damage to the outer edge of the matting, up to 1 and 1/2 inches inward, an area that is normally covered and hidden by any framing of the print, maybe deemed negligible in most cases. Again, we will take this information into consideration before filing any claims to the contrary.


  • Most posters, prints, canvases or Giclée (referred to as "rolls" come pre-rolled with a significant field of "extra" material along the edge. Because the roll is usually rolled top to bottom, and the width of the roll is shorter than the length of the tube, some end to end motion may occur during shipment. Some minor, considered insignificant, damage may occur to the outer edge of the roll during shipment. This area of the roll should be utilized for mounting or hidden by a frame, matting, or some other obstruction. It is not considered a piece of, nor is it of significant value to, the body of the print. Damages to the outer edges of the roll will not be reimbursed by any means.

  • In some cases, if the width of the roll is significantly shorter than the length of the tube, a rolling paper may be included or a smaller tube will be utilized for shipping. The presence of a rolling paper is to dissuade damage to the body of the roll. If a roll does not have a significant enough margin for expected minor damages to occur without loss to the whole piece, a rolling paper may be included. Rolling papers are not covered by insurance, they are not part of the body of the roll, nor are they reimbursable.

  • Shipping tubes are also not reimbursable. They are designed with the purpose of protecting the roll during shipment, and to affix postage and label to. Any damages to the shipping tube shall not be considered damage to the roll, but may be used to support any such damages apparent to the body of the roll upon delivery.


  • Most sculptures come pre-packaged in form fitting foam blocks which are designed to protect the piece during shipment and storage. We do not open or modify this packaging in any way shape or form before shipment. We may include additional packaging or packing material, but we never take away from a product or attempt to interfere with the integrity of a products initial packaging.

  • Damaged foam inserts or blocks are not reimbursable. Nor are damaged boxes. These items are made for and intended to protect the product being shipped.

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