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Legal Notice

Legal Notice concerning Credit Card Funded Order Placement, and Credit Card Charge Back Liability and Legal Procedures
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The ability to place orders on our website, and fund their completion with electronically conveyed payments provided by Credit Cards is a convenience we provide our customers with, under penalty of law, that this convenience not be used to obtain merchandise fraudulently, or by means of reversing such payments after the merchandise has been received.

By placing an order or our website in combination with completing the transaction by funding the purchase with a Credit Card, you, the customer, hereby certify that all information indicated in the order details is true and accurate, and that by placing your order, and specifically, by providing your name on such order details, you are submitting your electronic signature, which shall have the same legal effect as if made under oath; that you are the valid cardholder or an authorized user by the cardholder, and are authorized to submit and complete such transactions in the cardholders name.

By placing an order on our website, you agree to not file Credit Card chargebacks for "Unauthorized Transaction" as your completion of such an order positively determines Authorization at the time of completion.

By placing an order on our website, you agree that you, the cardholder, or both, are responsible and accountable for any costs, penalties, fee's, court fines, or monetary or legal liability, arising from any Credit Card Charge Back issues or cases.

By placing an order on our website, you also agree to the following; In the event that you, or the cardholder, files a credit card chargeback or reversal of funding for any order after it has been shipped, or delivered, all fee's, fines, penalties, both legal and administrative, shall be the sole responsibility and accountability of you, the cardholder or both.

That you will pay for our legal representation, in the State of California, so that we may pursue and prosecute you, to the fullest extent of the law, with no financial or monetary loss to us, our owners, business, or any organization or entity related to us, other than you or the cardholder.

That this agreement may be changed, in whole, or in any part, only by ShopMAusa on this website, at any time, with or without notice to you, or the cardholder, and that any such revisions or changes shall be retroactive to the time the order was placed by you, or the cardholder, on the website.

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